Use Regulations

The hotel is a safe and comfortable for you to use your first appointment, so we stay 10 as determined using the following rules based on the article,
so thank you for your cooperation. If you do not observe this rule, according to Article 7 of stay committed, some allowed to use the various facilities
in our hotel. In addition, when the accident happened, thank you to you for your attention on your subject, especially since you have the legal damages you.

All facilities of the hotel (accommodation, restaurant, lobby, parking, and includes all on site. And collectively, the hotel offers various facilities, is called.)
Bon appétit we apply to the customers. However, the rules are not stipulated in this, we apply the Cancell bon appétit.

2.For various facilities available in the hotel
(1)Figure escape routes from the room, so please check in our room and presented it to the room entrance door.
(2)Stay only a minor may Please note that we can check the permission of parents.
(3)Departure card key is to manage your hotel upon departure, please always returned to the front.
(4)Meet with visitors in your room and floor in the hotel rooms are for patrons only.
(5)Available when you call to set up there in the room Please note that the fee will be added to the facility.

3.That of fire prevention and safety
(1)Smoking in non-smoking areas designated by the hotel will be refused.
(2)Back yard, escape, other facilities will be prohibited from entering the machine room for other customers.

4.Deposit products you can forget anything about the handling of such
(1)Custody of your deposit is payable from the date of your principles and our three months. Thereafter, bon appétit to be disposed of at the hotel.
(2)Forget anything, treatment of the material we are handling your bon appétit finding is based on the laws and regulations.

5.That prohibit the use of facilities such as antisocial
Organizations listed below for individuals, we refuse the various facilities available in the hotel. Also, after the reservation is confirmed, although the use of or,
if the facts showed that, after that point, we refuse to use any.
・Gangster, gangster, gangster organization and its affiliates
・An official of the corporation or other organization’s business activities are controlled by gangsters or gangster
・Anti-social organizations, officials and members of anti-social organizations
・Assault, assault, intimidation, extortion, it is found that similar acts of intimidation and undue demands
・The following other prohibitions For, if it did not stop the act immediately after a note from the hotel

6.Other prohibitions
(1)Gambling in the various hotel facilities, such as disorderly conduct or.
(2)As loud on the inconvenience to other customers at various facilities in the hotel, loud singing, action or noise.
(3)It is found to cause inconvenience to other customers on the extremely foul body or clothing.
(4)Used for purposes other than to stay in the hotel room without permission.
(5)Be a decoy and food from the outside.
(6)Yukata, pajamas, underwear, slippers, etc. hallway, lobby, rooms and other facilities that go out to restaurants.
(7)Various facilities within the hotel, it will bring us what would inconvenience other customers.
*Dogs, cats, birds and other animals, pets in general (except guide dogs, except service dogs)
*Volatile oil explosives or ignitable ignite, potentially dangerous products, materials emit a foul odor, and possession of prohibited material in other laws and regulations, and other property deemed to threaten the safety of other guests.
(8)Various facilities inside the hotel offers various facilities, give them damaged goods and foreign countries, such as moving to other locations without permission of the hotel, act to change the status quo. In addition, actions brought in or outside the building.
Reasons other than force majeure, buildings, furniture, fixtures and other goods damaged, lost, or if contaminated, you’ll be able to reimburse the amount equivalent.
(9)Without permission in various hotel facilities, advertising, distribution of promotional materials, posting sales of goods, recruiting, and sales activities, distributing leaflets, etc. and to conduct other activities in the signature.
(10) to the public without the permission of the hotel and taken pictures and video in the hotel.
(11)Actions deemed inappropriate for the Hotel.
Provisions of this rule is enforced in February 2009 one more day.