■Breakfast Buffet at Hotel 1899 Tokyo

The popular matcha bread with 100% Japanese wheat flour, Hokkaido’s fermented butter, milk and matcha from Shizuoka is made by fermenting at a low temperature for long time, and baked into fluffy muffins. In addition, we offer more dishes using tea such as tea sausage and tencha salted grilled chicken that features a slightly salty tea flavor. Please spend a relaxing morning waking up with tea and these unique dishes.

Hotel 1899 Tokyo offers accommodation plans that include breakfast. Please enjoy your stay and buffet at Hotel 1899 Tokyo.
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<Sample menu> (May change based on ingredient availability.)
Matcha bread, mini croissant, complet aux noix, rustique
Scrambled eggs, baked egg
Tencha salted grilled chicken, tea sausage, grilled duck, hamburg steak, chicken roll, roast ham, prosciutto, salmon, smoked cheese, mixed nuts, Gratin, Potato croquette
Bean and sesame salad, mini tomatoes, salad, sweet potato salad, lotus root salad, taro potato salad, Steamed vegetables
Fruit granola, sugar-free yogurt, oranges, grapes
Today’s cold tea, green tea, orange juice, milk, Ice&Hot coffee


Hours: 7:30am-10:30am
Price: \1,700 (tax included)
Place: CHAYA 1899 TOKYO (1F of the hotel)

The breakfast buffet is available for our hotel guests only.
Guests can also enjoy breakfast in their room. In this case, we serve the dishes in a box.

■Request to customers:

We are implementing prevention measures against infectious disease so that customers can enjoy our food safely. We would like to ask our customers to keep in mind the following:
・Please refrain from eating for extended periods or talking loudly.
・Please wear a mask properly except during meals.
・Please disinfect your hands with alcohol.
For more details about our infection control measures, please see here.