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Experience 1899’s omotenashi hospitality with our tea that treats all five senses.

Please feel and taste the richness of tea.
Enjoy your stay with our tea that will help calm and relax you.

1.Time to relax at the tea counter

At the tea counter on the 2nd floor, we welcome our guests with matcha or sencha prepared by our
staff, as well as seasonal teas. We hope that you will enjoy the sounds of each tea cup being carefully
brewed in the chagama (iron tea ceremony pot). 
Please take a break with our delicious tea after checking in, or between going out or doing your
business? Please feel free to stop by our tea counter anytime during your stay.
※Limited to hotel guests
※The provided content and services may be subject to change.

【Serving time and type of tea】
15:00~22:00:Matcha, sencha and seasonal teas.

2.Afternoon tea time at a Japanese tea café♪

CHAYA 1899 TOKYO on the 1st floor welcomes you as a "Japanese tea specialty café" with the
concept of "relaxing time in a teahouse in the town." Please taste our high-quality tea carefully
selected from tea-producing areas nationwide and sweets made with tea.

3.Guest rooms designed on the concept of enjoying tea.

These rooms are equipped with a teapot, teacups and four types of 1899 brand Japanese tea, so you
can enjoy tea in your private space. The four types of Japanese tea change daily, including sencha,
gyokuro, Japanese black tea and bancha. We are also select water carefully and provide two kinds of
pure water and natural mineral water for free every day. When brewing tea, we recommend using
pure water so that you can fully enjoy the taste of the tea itself.
In addition, each of the four types of guest rooms is designed with the imagery of tea. Please enjoy
the structure of the room and the texture of the equipment.
>>Click here for guest room list

4.Breakfast with specialty tea dishes

Hotel 1899 Tokyo’s breakfast buffet using Japanese tea gives you a relaxing morning.
Please enjoy our original "tea dishes" such as "Matcha Bread" baked softly using Shizuoka matcha,
"Tea Sausage" kneaded with tea leaves, and "Grilled Chicken Tencha Shio" with the scent of tencha,
served with 1899 tea.
Several types of bread such as matcha bread are available
Please enjoy your breakfast on the bench designed in the image of a porch.

5.Enjoy your favorite tea at home

You can purchase 1899 brand Japanese tea, “Triple C” brand shampoo and conditioner that are in the
guest room. You can purchase as little as a single tea bag. If you find your favorite tea during your
stay, please stop by the front desk.
In addition, you can also purchase some of the tea utensils used at the Japanese tea cafe “CHAYA
1899 TOKYO” and the sweets offered as part of the menu.
<Place to purchase>
①2nd floor hotel reception
②1st floor Japanese tea cafe