The flagship hotel of the 1899 brand artfully combines
Japanese tea culture and Japan's omotenashi hospitality
Hotel 1899 Tokyo delivers the liveliness of people gathering and interacting and a quietness that is removed from the noise of the city, together with the tea culture of japan.
In the deli space, anyone can spend time as they wish in their own style, and enjoy the new Japanese dining experience of “dining on tea”
Moreover, at this retreat-like hotel offering engagement with the traditions and tea culture of Japan, each guest receives a warm welcome for their precious time , restoring the balance between mind and body.
Even while waiting at the reception desk,the service with gracious hospitality provided by the dedicated “tea sommeliers” offers its own entertainment with fresh discovers.
Enjoy a calm and relaxing time over a cup tea
Feel the rich passage of time over a cup of tea and unwind with all five senses in a space where tradition coexists with modernity.
Enjoy beverages and dishes created using tea. Relax at the dining bar as you wish.
A Japanese restaurant specialized in tea-based food. Try new types of green tea-based Japanese dishes and tea prepared by experts.
Allow us to introduce you to a lifestyle that embraces tea
As an integral part pf the lives of Japanese people since ancient times , tea has the power to maintain the body ,soul and to connect people. Appreciate the richness of daily life over a cup of tea at 1899.
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