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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Enactment day: 1,12,2017

In the 1899 HOSPITALITY CO.,LTD., (“henceforth Our company.” ), it is thought that appropriate handling and the management of individual information are very important.
Our company recognizes the importance, and is providing the following content as a privacy policy.

1. Purpose of use of individual information

Only the following purposes will use acquired individual information for our company.

  1. Accomplishment of reservation confirmation and business of our hotel restaurant
  2. Enhancement of commodity and service concerning our hotel restaurant business
  3. Guide and dissemination of each commodity and service that our and our related companies handle for hotel restaurant business

2. Method for collection of personal data

Our company collects individual information according to the law by a proper method. When the reservation of facilities in the hotel like staying and the restaurant, etc.
is a collection method and is reproved additionally by the telephone and other methods when the request of collected method and various material is gotten by receiving it by collected method and questionnaire, etc. , it is likely to visit as the main collection method.

3. Individual giving information

Our company doesn’t offer the third party individual information without obtaining the person in question’s agreement beforehand, except when there is providing in the
law besides the case based on the law. However, customer’s individual information might be shared between related companies for the purpose of various commodities
and the services that our related companies handle for the hotel restaurant business that is guided and offered. The management representative of individual information
in sharing becomes our company.

4. Management of individual information

Our company tries in the range necessary for the achievement of a purpose of use above-mentioned 1 to maintain individual information to the latest accurately.
Moreover, individual information offered from the customer observes the law, recognizes original of other guidelines and importance of individual information, and works
on maintenance with the safety management. In our company moreover, individual information supervises appropriately consigning ahead so that it is handled through guidance
and teaching to the employee when offering it the consignment individual information ahead necessary and appropriately the supervision ..the necessity and appropriate…

5. Indication, correction, and blotting out, etc. of individual information

I will correspond when indication, the correction, and blotting out, etc. individual information from which the person in question is identified are requested by the customer
himself by the following procedure.

  1. It fills in on our prescribed document, and I get the claim from the person in question according to the method of accepting prescribed our company.
  2. Please append the document that can confirm the person in question to the claim.
  3. I will answer according to the principle document.

6. Contact

Please inquire of the following about the inquiry concerning the handling of our individual information.
1899 Hospitality Ltd.
Business headquarters: 03-3253-2330
〒101-0062 3-4 Kandasurugadai Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, JAPAN
Acceptance time: 9:00-17:00(The weekend, holiday, and year end and new year are excluded. )